The Gardens on Anderton provides an outdoor garden experience that promotes health and wellness in the Comox Valley community.

Anyone can enjoy The Gardens on Anderton just by visiting it. It’s a beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors, have a picnic, meet friends, or take advantage of the health benefits that our purposeful Garden spaces, like The Loop, Meditation Garden, and Labyrinth Walk, provide.

“For me The Gardens are a place where I can enjoy the serenity and beauty of The Gardens – the meditation and butterfly gardens and walk the labyrinth.”

Bev O’Sullivan, Member and Volunteer.


People who visit The Gardens during our open season include:

  • residents of long-term care homes and group homes
  • school groups
  • residents of the Comox Valley and surrounding communities
  • ATGS Members
  • tourists

ATGS Members who are also Volunteers visit The Gardens for the pure enjoyment, but more importantly, they are also direct recipients of the benefits The Gardens offer the community. As stewards of The Gardens they contribute time and energy caring for the garden beds, lawns, and buildings, and to administering, fundraising, and operating The Gardens and ATGS.  Here are examples of what our volunteers get out of the contribution we so value:

  • being social – making new friends and meeting old friends
  • enjoying the beauty of the Garden
  • being surrounded by other people who are interested in gardening
  • being outside regularly and enjoying the fresh air
  • getting exercise
  • having a purpose – knowing they are contributing to promoting health and wellness for themselves and many others in our community

“The Gardens are important to me because I enjoy contributing to groups in my community. I like visiting The Gardens because they are beautiful to stroll thorough and people are friendly and knowledgeable about the plantings.” 

Georgina Leech, Treasurer