“The Gardens are important to me because it gives me a purpose in my life.”

Joan Gage, Member and Volunteer Coordinator

“For me The Gardens are a place I can share enthusiasm, take pictures, and be involved in the Green Thumb gardening group.

Ann McDonald, Master Gardener and Green Thumb

“I like coming to The Gardens because the labyrinth, in its public location, is in a beautiful setting under the eagles nest and beside the sounds of the pond.” 

Bev O’Sullivan, Member and Volunteer

“In The Gardens, I can enjoy the peace and beauty of nature but also contribute in some small way to its existence and growth.”  

Patricia Nicol, Volunteer

“For me, The Gardens are a place where I get to enjoy some gardening (ex-farmer, ex-home and garden owner, not strata owner). I also get exercise biking over.”  

Chris Carter, Volunteer and Allotment Renter

“I like the people and I love having my allotment.” 

Pam Harrison, Director

“I am a strata owner, so The Gardens are important to me because I can touch the earth and grow vegetables, and meet nice people.”  

Jackie Holt, Allotment Renter and Volunteer